Telco CPE Pictures


These are images of customer premises equipment (CPE). I've included some PBX images since this is one of the larger pieces of CPE that you'll encounter. Click on any of these images to see a larger version.

The Western Electric Model 500 was the standard telephone in the Bell System for many years. The Model 2500 was the Touch Tone version of the Model 500. The only difference was the addition of a DTMF pad. There are references to both of these models as "vanilla flavored" telephones in technical literature.

Model 500 setModel 500 handsetModel 2500 telephone

The Strowger dial telephone was the ancestor of the Model 500.

Strowger dial phone

The Carterfone Decision in 1968 made it possible to purchase your own CPE rather than lease it from the Bell System. Here's one of the original Carterfones.


Here's a variety of more modern CPE:

Assorted CPE

Now for a variety of private branch exchange (PBX) images. These are of a Rolm PBX. There's the PBX itself, the protection block for incoming lines, the patch area on the wall, and the voice mail system. Note that the wiring uses 66 or 110 blocks for the connections.


Rolm PBXPBX wiring with 66 blocks PBX protection blocksVoice mail


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