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These links have been useful in telecommunications and other technical classes at Champlain College. The sites are grouped by general subject and there is some overlap. Some sites will appear in more than one category because of overlapping functions. There has been no attempt to duplicate Wikipedia for coverage. It's impossible to keep a list like this up to date and it's by no means comprehensive. Apologies in advance for 404 errors. Google is your friend so go exploring beyond this list.

Table of Contents

 Essays and Tutorials

Broadband including xDSL and Cable Modems
Fiber Optics
Internet (including protocols)
IP Telephony
OSI Model

Policy (including government, legal, and privacy issues)
Security & Cryptography
Traffic Engineering
Wireless (including voice and data)

Technology and Telephony History

Nuts and Bolts:
Cables, Racks, etc.
Electronic Parts

Books: Links to booksellers (new and old)
Good Links
Professional Organizations
Publications, online news service
Technical Glossary


Odds and Ends
Urban & Subterranean Exploration




Essays and Tutorials

Gary Kessler's papers:

In-depth network tutorials: Links only:

IT technical papers: ("Free registration required")

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Telecommunications Section Begins Here

Broadband including xDSL and Cable Modems:

DSL Reports: Outstanding collection of tools, links and current news:: Go to "About DSL" for a technical tutorial. (Use this site for download speed tests)

Cable modems:

Broadband Forum:

Get a cable modem and go to jail:

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Telephone numbers and reverse number lookup:

World telephone numbering guide:

What does your phone number spell? Just for fun!

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Fiber Optics:

SONET in general:

Fluke fiber optic and network testing:

History of fiber optics Jeff Hecht is the author of the excellent book "City of Light":

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Internet (including protocols):

Internet Society:

Internet Engineering Task Force:

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C):

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers:

Internet Assigned Numbers Authority:

RFC list: Everything you always wanted to know about Internet protocols..and more:

FTP Tools:

Ping: Where to get it:

Ping: How it works:

Ping the duck: There are a lot of reviews of the book but try to find John Fracisco's review:. He has a unique telecommunications viw of a the traditional kid's book.

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 IP Telephony:

Cisco's take on VoIP:

IP Telephony:

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OSI Model:

Webopedia: The OSI Model:

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Policy (including government, legal, and privacy issues). Read widely and explore multiple sources of information:


Electronic Frontier Foundation:

Cato Institute:

Electronic Privacy Information Center:

Center for Democracy and Technology:

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Regulation and Industry Organizations (see Standards too):

Vermont Public Service Department:

Vermont Public Utility Commission:


Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions:

Dept. of Commerce: National Telecommunications and Information Administration:

International Telecommunication Union:

North American Numbering Plan Administration:

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Security & Cryptography:

National Security Agency Cryptographic Museum: or go to for a more general introduction to what they do.

Thanks to Kate Jones for this site which includes lots of crypto links:

Bletchley Park ("Station X") Museum: Besides the museum there's a lot going on. For example, stage your wedding there!

Tom Perera's Enigma site: Tom lives in Vermont too:

CERT at Carnegie Mellon: Who ya gonna call?:

SANS Institute:

Cryptography FAQs:

Bruce Schneider: Bruce is the publisher of CRYPTO GRAM, an e-newletter with good information on current security issues.

Peter Neumann is the moderator of the RISKs e-newsletter which covers many different security issues. See the current issue at

Phil Zimmerman, creator of PGP:


Cryptologia Journal:

E-mail privacy:

Want to build your own Enigma? The ultimate DIY project:

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Signaling System 7 (SS 7):

Performance Technology on SS7:

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Standards (see Regulation too):

International Telecommunication Union:


American National Standards Institute:

International Standards Organization:

National Institute of Standards and Technology:

Links to standards:

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T-1 Reference Material:

"Everything you always wanted to know about T-1's..":

T-1 jacks:

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Traffic Engineering:

Westbay Traffic Calculator:

Erlang Traffic and Queuing Software:

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Wireless, Including ham radio sites:

Cellular Telephony and Internet Association:

FCC Wireless Telecommunications Bureau:

American Radio Relay League (ham radio):

Today you don't have to know Morse code to get a ham license. Here's how you can get your own license and call sign:

Soup box antenna:

Beef stew can antenna:

The Cantenna: an elegant solution although not DIY!:

Parabolic antennas & gain:

And finally the homebrew antenna shootout:

Wireless products:


Satellite encyclopedia:

Ian Poole has a very nice site of wireless and other electronics resources:

Spread spectrum from the ham viewpoint:

You'll often hear references to "Q" and "Z" signals in ham radio and military circles. Here's what they mean:

North American television frequencies and a bit about the analog to digital conversion: :

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Technology and Telephone History

Memorial to the Bell System:

Tribute to the Bell System:

Telephony hobby sites:

New England Museum of Telephony See "Images" on my home page for some more photos:

Seattle Vintage Telephone Museum:

Help with obsolete computers:

The first computer bug:

Computer Museum (used to be in Boston, now it has migrated westward to California): It's disturbing to recognize many of the computers that I programmed in my younger years now classified as antiques and historical curiosities. But then again, so am I.

The famous IBM 029 Card punch:

Museum of Broadcast Communications:

History of storage. Lots of links to technology over the years (Remember 9 track tapes?). Quite comprehensive:

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Nuts And Bolts

Cabling, Racks and Wiring Plant Management:

Black Box:

MilesTek (One of my favorite companies. Great products, great customer service):


Pasternack: coaxial cable, fiber cable, and connectors:


Belden Wire (good tutorials, too):

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Electronic and Computer Parts and Components:



Mouser Electronics:

Marlin P. Jones:

One of my favorite computer accessory dealers. Highly recommended:

All Electronics: a favorite source for surplus goodies:

Surplus Shed: Great optical and other scientific products:

Fair Radio Sales: Great surplus electronics: It's a fun place to visit and their inventory is full of one-of-a-kind gadgets.

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Jensen Tools, AKA Stanley Tools:

Grizzly Tools: Woodworking and metal machines:

Little Machine Shop: Great products for small-scale metal working. Outstanding customer service:

Specialized Products:


Circuit Specialists: test equipment and soldering stations:

Mike Sandman: Telephone tools and parts. Some good tutorials, too:

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Books: Links to booksellers (new and old):

Artech House: specialized telecommunications books:

Used books: Advanced Book Exchange: Listings from hundreds of used book sellers: (These guys are good. If you want to save money on even a new book try them first. Sort by price, lowest to highest.)

Used books: a bit more expensive than abebooks. Try abebooks first:

Book comparison shopping:

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Good Links: These are links to more links:

Russ Haynal's Telecom "Meta Site":

Links to telecommunications topics:

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General Internet maps:

Internet backbone maps:

National Geographic Society:

US Geological Survey:

Atlas of Cybergeography:

VH coordinate system overview:

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Professional Organizations: Also see "Standards":


Assoc. for Computing Machinery:

Telecommunications Industry Association:

Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions:

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Publications, online news services:

Computerworld (Check out "Shark Tank"):

CNET site:




Scientific American:

Dr. Dobb's Tools for Programmers:

Ziff Davis Net; Be sure to check out the White Papers ssection:



The Register:

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Technical Glossary:


Internet Encyclopedia:

Free Online Dictionary of Coomputing:

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Astronomy picture of the day:

Links to astronomy sites:

Internet Virtual Telescope:

Astronomy Now online:

Sky and Telescope: One of my favorite magazines. Great books on astronomy too:

Tour our solar system:

Satellite encyclopedia:

Powers of 10:

Itty Bitty radio telescope:

Very Large Array radio telescope:

McDonald Observatory:

Mauna Kea Observatory:

Yerkes Observatory: Look for stories about Yerkes via Google. It doesn't seem to have an official web site anymore.

Celestron Telescopes:

Meade Telescopes:

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Odds and Ends:

Another source for rumors:

Darwin Awards:

NIST: Current Time:


Exploding Whale:

Mathematica software at Wolfram Associates:

Toys for techies:

MIT Lockpicking:

The Seven Wonders of Swindon:

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 Urban & Subterranean Exploration:

This is a collection of sites dedicated to the exploration of abandoned urban buildings and infrastructure. Some of this is above ground while other locations are well below ground. These are all rather dark sites, both in terms of the lack of light and in the psychological sense. Enter at your own risk.

Julia Soalis is the premier explorer of New York city. Dark Passage:

Steve Duncan has a collection of excellent photos. Some of these have appeared in Julia Soalis' book "New York Underground":

Weird New Jersey:

Web Ring: Urban Exploration:

Subterranean Britain. There's some very interesting WWII sites here:

Grand Central Terminal: From the Columbia University site:

Abandoned subway stations from Columbia University:

Infiltration: Places you're not supposed to go:

Abandoned Baltimore:

New York City:

Web Urbanist: Underground Wonders:

Dark Roasted Blend:

NY Farley Post Office (NPR):

Abandoned Detroit:

Paris: Saint Sulpice:

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SteamPunk Workshop:

Weapons for your Victorian travels:

Just in case you want to dress the part:

Abney Park:

A bit of video:

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 Pipe Organs:

American Institute of Organbuilders:

American Theater Organ Society:

Arndt Organ Supply: Bob Arndt specializes in exact Wurlitzer replacement parts:

Austin Organs: These folks are sort of in business after a bout of bankruptcy:

The Diapason:

Sebastian Gluck:

Gothic Records:

JAV Recordings:

Organ Clearing House:

Organ Historical Society (Check out the online catalog) :

Organ Supply Industries: The best source for parts for new construction and rebuilding:

Pipedreams on NPR:

Pro Organo Recordings:

Stephen Bicknell: A very smart and humorous guy who is unfortunately no longer with us:

Friends of the Wanamaker Organ:

Wicks Organs: Maker of my Opus 1652:

A bit on organ history from Kathy Ramsey with numerous links:

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